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We're Glad You're Here

Have you ever thought you knew someone ... then found out something about them that blew your mind?

I bet you're thinking of one right now. 


The truth is, we are all so much more than what's on our surface. 

This site will be dedicated to the stories of The People You Think You Know.  My sister, Aimee, and I will load this site with interviews, blogs, quotes, and music.

We'll talk about obstacles, passions, talents, and events.

It’s going to be interesting.  It’s going to be fun.

But, before we get started, we are going to kick off with a story about us.  We’ll include several episodes about our lives and weave in interviews with others.  Most vlogs will have edited and unedited choices and some will be offered in podcast versions.


If you watch, we ask you to watch and listen with an open mind.  As we navigate this life, let’s remind ourselves to give grace, look for the good, and be kind.  

Now join us as we dive in and talk to The People You Think You Know.  

Heather & Aimee


EVERYTHING we (Heather & Aimee) do, write, and say on this site is done to the best of our recollection.  Many of the things we talk about will be from years ago so there is a chance of us remembering it our way.  Like a lot of you, we experienced trauma and did the best we could to make it through.  We've suppressed memories for years and held on to others tightly.  As we've filmed, we've had many "aha", "oh yeah", and "I forgot all about that" moments.  Some of the memories are in the forefront of our minds, some remain distant, and others come flooding back.  Please remember all of this as you navigate our lives with us.


  • OUR TIMELINE is a good place to start if you are here to find about our lives. Years ago our mom helped with a timeline of events.  Using that, photos, our own memories, and old newspaper articles, we pieced it together as best as we can. We've even added some photos! 

  • INTERVIEWS can be found here or on our YouTube Channel

  • HEATHER & AIMEE each have a tab to add things about them (COMING SOON). 

  • IF YOU, or someone you know, HAVE A STORY to tell, please send us that information using the link below.

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